Mesh-flow heat exchanger

Mesh-flow heat exchangers are devices with a complex channel shape, which allows to turbulize the flow and significantly increase the efficiency of the equipment.

The most striking example is the classic corrugation in collapsible plates, the so-called “herringbone”. It received this name because of the characteristic triangular shape arrangement of the troughs on the surface. In addition, today they are one of the most common types of heat exchange equipment in the world.
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Advantages of the mesh-flow heat exchanger

The most important advantage can be considered efficiency. After all, due to the complex geometry of the plates, the flows in such equipment are turbulized and the heat exchange process is more intense. Hence, as a consequence, less surface area, dimensions and weight are required. In addition, the cost of products is significantly reduced. This allows such heat exchangers to compete with other types of heat-exchange equipment, such as tube heat exchangers.

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Applications of the mesh-flow heat exchanger

The applications will be identical to the collapsible, soldered and welded ones. After all, it is these apparatuses that constitute the class of net-flow heat exchangers.

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Технические характеристики сетчато-поточного теплообменника

The main types of plate heat exchangers produced by Anchor-Teploenergo include: classic collapsible, soldered, welded and collapsible shell heat exchangers. The plate corrugations of such products form channels of complex shape, with varying height along the entire length of the plate. In fact, this complex shape can be called a wave.

Characteristics describing heat exchanger mesh plates include the following: the angle of inclination of the corrugation, the height of the channel and the method of formation of the channels.
Different angle of inclination of the corrugation is characteristic for collapsible ones. Variants using plates with an angle of corrugation from 30° to 120° are possible. This indicator affects the efficiency of heat transfer and reduction of head. If the angle is 30°, the losses will be minimal, but at the same time the efficiency will also be minimal. As the angle increases, the pressure loss will increase, but the efficiency will also increase.
In conventional devices, the channel is formed of two plates. That is, in essence, the height of the channel is the height of the corrugation of the two plates together. This value can vary in all types of net-flow heat exchangers. It mainly affects the flow rate and, consequently, the heat transfer rate and pressure drop. The lower the height, the higher the velocity, the more efficient the plate will be. However, the head loss will increase because of this. On the other hand, the higher the corrugation, the slower the flow will be. And therefore the pressure drop will be lower.
There are essentially three methods of formation: with the help of gaskets, solder or welding. Gaskets are mostly for collapsible apparatuses. In welded heat exchangers, the plates are welded together around the perimeter to form sections. They are then welded along the manifold opening to form a package. Solder, on the other hand, is used in the manufacture of brazed ones.

How the price of a mesh-flow heat exchanger is calculated.

The first step in determining the cost is to calculate the net-flow heat exchanger and decide on its type. Then there is a selection of the optimal area and geometry, compiled a bill of material, estimated labor costs. Buy a net-flow heat exchanger of any type you can after submitting the problem and further calculation.

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