Fully Welded PHE

General Design

This unit is a package of heat exchange plates installed inside the all-welded shell. The ductworks for the flowing working media are made by the weld joints.

Design Features


These heat exchangers may have one or several packages, one or several shells and one or several levels.

Scope of Application

The equipment shall be used if:

  • both working media are not prone to the impurity deposits on the heat exchange surface;
  • only chemical cleaning of the heat exchange surface is planned or if no cleaning is necessary;
  • enhanced reliability of the equipment is required;
  • the design conditions exceed the operating limits of the modular equipment.

Range of Operating Factors

Parameter Measuring unit Minimum Maximum
Plate area m2 0.026 0.818
Heat exchange area* m2 0.2 890.0
Number of plates* pc 4 1800
Plate thickness mm 0.6 1.2
Gap between the plates mm 3.0 8
Nozzle diameter* mm 10 1000
Pressure atm. Minus 0.95 100
Temperature °С Minus 200 +550

* In one unit

Reasons to choose us:

  • we can manufacture the heat exchanger with the non-condensable gas disposal;
  • if necessary, we can fit the equipment with the thermal expansion joint preventing the destruction caused by the temperature shock, drop and strain;
  • unlike the foreign manufacturers, we avoid intersecting the weld joints and welding the components with different thicknesses, while making the packages. It considerably improves the structural reliability and eliminates the bilateral concavity of the weld joints.