Terms of cooperation

ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO is a modern company and, naturally, we are moving forward, taking into account present-day market trends. That is why we are carrying out relationships with our customers under the principles of partnership, and trying to ensure our contractors to make the most of the cooperation. The correct evaluation of the set problem as well as the correct choice of heat-exchange equipment (modification thereof) is not a simple task, which requires a great professionalism, and more than 20 years’ experience of work in the markets of eastern European countries helps us to perform it.

Principles of work with partners:

  • Maximum profit for the Customer in the choice of equipment
  • Flexibility as for Customer’s requests
  • Diversification of the equipment offered for the purpose of optimization of the use of customers’ financial resources

Our goal is to offer the Customer the most favourable terms for cooperation as well as to ensure the development and manufacture of high-quality power efficient up-to-date heat-exchange equipment.

Our slogan: The customer is always right.

The algorithm of work of the Private Research and Production Company ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO with the Customer is as follows:

  • requirements specification receipt (together with the Customer);
  • selection of heat-exchange equipment;
  • development of project documents in accordance with the requirements of State Standards and Customer’s requests;
  • adjustment of project documents with the Customer;
  • manufacture of heat-exchange equipment;
  • shipment;
  • after-sales service and maintenance of the heat-exchange equipment designed and supplied.