Air heating utilizer of “Gas-Gas” type

040The recuperator is installed after the boiler on the line of flue-gases outlet and is designed to heat the air being fed into the boiler furnace or for other purposes (facility heating or others).

We offer recuperators for flue-gases cooling to the dew point (usual material design) and recuperators operating in condensing mode (stainless material design).

When cooling the flue gases to the dew point, the heat recovery is 3..5% of the rated thermal power of the boiler depending on the degree of flue-gases “cooldown”.

When the recuperator is operating in the condensing mode, depending on the degree of flue-gases “cooldown”, the heat recovery can reach 12% of the rated thermal power of the boiler.

Recuperators of this type are manufactured on the basis of smooth and goffered tubes.

Recuperators produced by Ankor-Teploenergo have a number of advantages:

  • compact sizes,
  • low weight,
  • low aerodynamic losses,
  • there is an access to the tube sheet and the inner surface of the tube bundle for the possibility of cleaning, maintenance and examination.

Application range.

Parameter Dimension Minimum Maximum
Air pressure MPaG 0 0.2 1)
Temperature оС 0 350 2)
Boiler power kW 80 20,000 3)
  • Can be manufactured for higher pressure.
  • Can be manufactured up to 600°C.
  • Can be manufactured for more powerful boilers.