Private Research and Production Company ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO purchases feedstock, materials and component parts on a competitive basis (competitive bidding).

Main information for the participants of a competitive bidding

Bid estimation criteria for determination of the best bid in descending order with respect to their significance:

  • price;
  • quality;
  • terms of payment;
  • business capacity of a contractor;
  • terms of delivery.

A list of necessary documents (copies with company seal affixed) to be provided by contractors together with bids:

  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs (including OKPO code);
  • VAT Payer Certificate;
  • Articles of Association (pages 1 to 3).

Main types of competitive bidding

Metal products

1. Flat-rolled products:

  • carbon sheets;
  • alloyed and instrumental sheets;

2. Bar and shaped iron:

  • circles;
  • channel;
  • hexagon

3. Pipes:

  • seamless pipes;
  • shaped pipes;

4. Rolled stainless acid-resistant steel:

  • stainless steel pipes;
  • stainless steel rings;
  • stainless steel plates.

5. Metalware.

  • flanged stud, screw
  • zinc-plated stud (strength index 8.8)

Pipe fittings:

  • flanges, junctions, bends

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