An evaporator is a piece of industrial equipment which task is to change the state of aggregation of the working medium from liquid to gaseous. To implement this process, a significant amount of thermal energy is required.

It can be obtained from another heat carrier, as is the case with classic heat exchangers. Also from the environment, for example, according to the principle of operation of a domestic refrigerator, when freon boils in the refrigerator, absorbing thermal energy and cooling food.

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Evaporator heat exchanger

When it comes to such a heat exchanger, the freon evaporator of the refrigeration machine immediately comes to mind. In this case, they are used to cool products and various process streams due to the boiling of working agents. This is however not the only area of their application.

In industry, there are often various positions in which one of the working media boils fully, or partially, eventually forming a vapor-liquid mixture. Evaporators of liquefied gas, ammonia, freon, oil products, water, alcohols, this is not a complete list of positions where a heat exchanger is needed. Various types of heat exchangers can be used: case-tubular, welded, soldered, and even collapsible, although this is not recommended due to the presence of rubber seals and a high risk of depressurization.

Сase-tubular heat exchanger

They are installed on most technological positions. This is since they were invented much earlier and therefore took the main place in the industry. Other types of heat exchange equipment have to win their “place in the sun” constantly competing with them. However, there are technological positions where case-tubular evaporators are difficult to replace with another type of equipment, despite their advantages. One of these positions can be called a reboiler. The cubic product of the column partially boils in it. Due to the non-standard design of this equipment, alternative solutions are rarely considered instead.

Buy freon evaporator (refrigerating machine)

Freon evaporator – is the main element of an industrial refrigeration unit. In this device, the working agent boils and the product cools. The process of phase transition of a medium from a liquid to a gaseous state requires a significant amount of thermal energy, which is removed from the cooled liquid. n them, the glycol solution is most often cooled. Its main difference from more common water is that it is able to not freeze at low temperatures, which allows more efficient use of the refrigerating machine and obtain lower temperatures of the cooling medium for further use in technology. Buying an evaporator is quite simple. To do this, you will need to complete a questionnaire, indicating the main operational parameters and send it to us. You can also just call us and tell the manager the required parameters. After that, we will select the necessary equipment and provide a technical and commercial proposal. Our company offers various types of equipment for such positions: a soldered device, a welded one, and a welded heat exchanger with a folding body, if necessary. You just need to make your choice. At the request of the customer double-effect options can be offered. In this case, two (or more) refrigerant circuits of the refrigeration machine are supplied to the heat exchanger separately, independently of each other. In this way, the cooling medium is fed into it in a single stream. This scheme is used when several refrigerating machines are used to cool the product and it makes no sense to install such products on each of them.

The evaporator areas of application

1. Food industry – product cooler, the evaporator of refrigeration machines.
2. Oil refining industry – evaporation of raw materials flows, oil products.
3. Cold supply – freon evaporators.

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