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Structurally plate heat exchangers may differ significantly from each other. Among the main types of equipment, we can distinguish gasketed, brazed, welded, and other types.

Each of them has its own characteristics that somehow differ it from the rest. Thanks to these distinctive features, each type of plate heat exchanger finds its gap in the industry.

Efficiency, compactness, ease of use, and the ability to replace almost any part make gasketed heat exchangers an ideal solution for many manufacturing facilities. Brazed devices, in turn, have even more compact dimensions and are the most efficient type of heat exchangers. Thanks to this, they have proven themselves in the cases of evaporators in the refrigeration units, as well as in cases where it is necessary to ensure the minimum size of equipment. If it comes to the cases when a high-reliability device is required, the welded heat exchanger is exactly what you need. Due to the design features, they can be used in positions with high operating pressures and temperatures, and also have a long service life.

Private Scientific and Production Firm “Ankor-Teploenergo” is engaged in the production of plate heat exchangers of all the above types.

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Plate heat exchanger in the form it was known to all of us was invented in the 30s of the XX century in England.

Initially, its main purpose was pasteurization of milk. This was due to the high amount of thyrotoxicosis cases and the adoption of the law on mandatory pasteurization of milk. The range of tasks that a plate heat exchanger may perform has significantly expanded since then. The plate heat exchanger design made it possible to use it not only for pasteurization purposes but also in the positions of heating, cooling, condensation, recovery, etc. It was possible to achieve such variability due to the high efficiency and individual selection of each piece of equipment, which ensures optimal operation in each individual position. A wide range of standard sizes using this type of heat exchangers to solve most problems. The manufacture of heat exchangers in Ukraine is a task that the professional team of Ankor-Teploenergo performs daily. You can order a plate heat exchanger from our company and get a quality solution for the problem from a national manufacturer.

Heat exchanger by industries

Few modern industries do without the use of plate heat exchangers.
In the housing and communal services industry, they are used to provide hot water and heating. These devices are widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, energy and oil and gas industries.

Given this market girth, it is necessary to understand the specifics of each of them. Therefore, the production of heat exchangers in Ukraine is carried out by us with an emphasis on industry features. This includes the correct selection of material performance, compliance with all standards, norms and requirements for them. The specialists of our organization, which has been manufacturing heat exchangers in Ukraine since 1991, will provide professional assistance in the selection and determination of technical nuances.
The correct selection of the device is the key to its future uninterrupted operation and durability.

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For quite a long time of the company’s existence, a number of achievements have become the results of its work. It is essential to emphasize that we have been working successfully and fruitfully in the field of heat exchange for 27 years. During this time, we have covered more than 30 different industries, in each of which our equipment was used. The total number of objects put into operation by us already reaches 15,000, and we have no plans to stop there. More than 3000 partners trust us because we care about each of our customers. Considering the availability of production facilities and a very significant scientific base, during the existence of the “Ankor-Teploenergo”, our employees were granted more than 100 inventor’s certificates and patents in the field of plate-type heat exchangers.

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The results of our work for various fields of application


Formed in 1991 on the basis of the Kharkov Research Institute of Chemical Engineering, our company began to produce plate-type heat exchangers in Ukraine. Most of the staff of this university became eventually employees of our company.

After the foundation in 1991 on the basis of the Kharkiv Institute of UkrNIIKhimmash, our company has made a lodgement as a manufacturer of plate heat exchangers in Ukraine. Many employees of this scientific and research institute switched to work at Ankor-Teploenergo. Thus, our company has adopted many years of experience and expertise in the field of heat exchange equipment. We are constantly working on the preparation and training of the young generation of our company employees. All this allows us to speak with confidence about the professionalism and competence of our employees.
Ankor-Teploenergo is the only manufacturer of plate heat exchangers in Ukraine having a full manufacturing cycle. For each stage of the device creation (calculation, design, manufacture), a specific division of the company is responsible:

  • Industrial and engineering department;
  • Design department;
  • Technology department;
  • Production department;
  • Technical control department;
  • Service Department;
  • Quality, standardization and certification department.

As a manufacturer of the equipment, we offer not only the manufacture and supply but also a full range of services necessary for the heat exchanger operation:

  • Full technical support;
  • Supervised mounting;
  • Commissioning work;
  • Service;
  • Supply and replacement of components.

Separately, we want to highlight the fact that the availability of our own manufacturing base of a full cycle allows us to estimate quite accurately the manufacturing time of plate heat exchangers. In the conditions of a constantly developing market, we do not stand still but work on more and more technological ways to solve our tasks.

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Plate-type heat exchanger scheme

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Working mediums come into the device through the connections, located either on the unit fixed plate or on a fixed and pressure plate, depending on the design. Then fluids is distributed through the heat exchangers channels. The plate pack tightness and flow direction of working fluids are ensured by rubber gaskets. Flow direction of working fluids may be either counter flow (oncoming) or co-current flow (unidirectional). This is determined by working conditions. The plates also come in various sizes and profiles, which provides variability in choosing the equipment. Determining unit’s final construction will be carried out after its design by our specialists specifically for your task.

Working principles of the plate-type heat exchanger

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The principle of operation of unit itself is quite simple – there are two mediums, possibly different physical state, one of which should be heated and the second – cooled. However, they should not be in contact with each other. Due to the difference between the initial temperatures, heat exchange occurs through the heat exchange surface, in this case, the corrugated plate. Mediums flow in heat exchanger channels, in turn, alternating next but one. The channels may be formed either with rubber gaskets or with welds, depending on the type of equipment. The corrugated surface provides additional turbulization of flows during their movement in the device and allows achieving a more efficient heat transfer process.

The plate-type heat exchanger arrangement

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Heat exchanger is an equipment designed for exchanging thermal energy between two working medias.
Structurally, a gasketed heat exchanger consists of a fixed and pressure plate, guide structures, and plate pack. Plates may be made of various alloys depending on the conditions of the task. The material of gaskets is also individually chosen for each task. The plate pack is sealed by the device clamp stud. On the plates, there are unions for connecting working fluids. Such a design of the plate heat exchanger makes it possible to disassemble and assemble the equipment. Due to this, it is possible to clean mechanically, increase or decrease power of unit by varying the heat transfer area. When disassembling equipment, it is also possible to replace damaged plates and gaskets.

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