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Plate-type heat exchangers are divided by design features. They may be collapsible, welded, soldered and other. They each have special characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. We cannot say that some of them are better or worse, they rather have different functions and are suitable for their applications. Collapsible ones are effective, easy for use, compact and don’t require substantial costs of materials. Moreover, each of their structural elements can be replaced. These features make them the main type of devices for many industries. Soldered ones are even smaller in size, while they are needed for more non-standard situations, in which small dimensions play a decisive role. Welded reliable and long-lived, without eroding its efficiency, designed to work at high temperature or pressure. Ukraine accepts well such heat exchangers, as they are relevant for its market. The Scientific and Production Company Ankor-Teploenergo can offer all of the above plate-type heat exchangers.

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The plate-type heat exchanger form known to us was invented in the 30s in the 20th century in England. The main engine of this process was the law on compulsory milk pasteurization that was adopted because of a large number of low-quality dairy product poisoning. Since then, the purpose of these units only expanded. Due to the huge number of positive qualities, they have been applied not only as classical pasteurizers, as originally intended, but also evaporators, condensers, recuperators, etc. Such an extension of the functional is explained by the fact that this type of heat exchangers very easily become the most efficient and optimal solution for most tasks. This is due to the universal and accurate methods of calculation and the large variation of standard sizes and the nature of the installations. Our main product is a plate heat exchanger of any type, and we can choose the most correct version.

Heat exchanger by industries

Few modern industries do without the use of plate heat exchangers.
In the housing and communal services industry, they are used to provide hot water and heating. These devices are widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, energy and oil and gas industries.

Given this market girth, it is necessary to understand the specifics of each of them. Therefore, the production of heat exchangers in Ukraine is carried out by us with an emphasis on industry features. This includes the correct selection of material performance, compliance with all standards, norms and requirements for them. The specialists of our organization, which has been manufacturing heat exchangers in Ukraine since 1991, will provide professional assistance in the selection and determination of technical nuances.
The correct selection of the device is the key to its future uninterrupted operation and durability.

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For quite a long time of the company’s existence, a number of achievements have become the results of its work. It is essential to emphasize that we have been working successfully and fruitfully in the field of heat exchange for 27 years. During this time, we have covered more than 30 different industries, in each of which our equipment was used. The total number of objects put into operation by us already reaches 15,000, and we have no plans to stop there. More than 3000 partners trust us because we care about each of our customers. Considering the availability of production facilities and a very significant scientific base, during the existence of the “Ankor-Teploenergo”, our employees were granted more than 100 inventor’s certificates and patents in the field of plate-type heat exchangers.

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Formed in 1991 on the basis of the Kharkov Research Institute of Chemical Engineering, our company began to produce plate-type heat exchangers in Ukraine. Most of the staff of this university became eventually employees of our company.

As a result, decades of experience and knowledge in the field of heat exchange equipment came with them, which are passed on to the new young generation of our employees. The above reasons allow not to doubt the competence and professionalism of our employees.

We are the only manufacturer that produces plate-type heat exchangers with complete cycle production. This means that the calculation, design, manufacture, the assembly is carried out in stages. For each phase of product creation are responsible specialized sections:

  • planning and design section;
  • production section;
  • quality section;
  • innovative development section;
  • industrial technical section;
  • service section;
  • standardization, certification and quality section;

Also, we are not restricted to only production. As a manufacturer, we can provide a full range of
services required for operation:

  • complete technical support;
  • supervision;
  • service maintenance;
  • pre-commissioning;
  • new components delivery and replacement.

Such a wide range of different possibilities shows that Ukraine remains a country with good
engineering potential, producing heat exchangers. After all, the production of plate-type heat
exchangers requires a certain human resource. The additional benefit is that understanding of all
aspects of plate-type heat exchanger construction stages makes it possible to assess a delivery date
as accurately as possible.

In an ever-growing market, we do not stand still, paying great attention to the development and
improvement of our products. After all, our goal is to provide customers with the most technological
solution to their problems.

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Plate-type heat exchanger scheme

The fluids enter through the connections located on the pressure or intermediate plate, depending on the design, their location may vary. After that, the heating and cooling mediums are distributed over the plate array. The direction of flow, elimination of overflow and mixing of mediums is provided by rubber seals, which form the channels, which is standard for a plate-type heat exchanger. The movement of substances can be both counter (counter-current) and unidirectional (forward flow). Also, the plates can be of different profiles and sizes. The determining factor for their selection is the most correct version of the calculation.

Working principles of the plate-type heat exchanger

They are very simple – there are two substances, perhaps even of different aggregative state, which should not be in contact with each other. One of them must be heated and the other be cooled. Due to the difference in temperature, heat is exchanged through corrugated steel plates. Movement occurs in the channels that are formed with rubber seals or welds, depending on the type of plate equipment. A corrugated surface, when a product passes through it, causes it to turbulize, therefore, heat transfer is intensified.

The plate-type heat exchanger arrangement

The device is designed to exchange thermal energy between two working media. The plate-type heat exchanger is two plates, a pressure and a fixed plate, between which the plate array is located. They can be made of various stainless metals and alloys. Material performance is selected individually based on the task set by the customer. The same applies to seal materials. All is taken together with studs and coupling bolts. These elements are located on a joint frame. There are connections on it to provide entry and exit of fluids into the device. This scheme also includes the possibility of increasing the capacity of the heat exchanger. In addition, the design allows complete or partial cleaning both in a disassembled state and in the assembled. When disassembling, it is also possible to replace damaged plates and seals.

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