Economizers (flue gas heat utilizers) are designed to reduce the consumption of thermal energy by returning heat from products back to the system. In these heat exchangers, due to the additional cooling of smoke, the heating agent is heated for any production needs. They are used in power plants and other installations for heating-up, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. They are made on the basis of finned or plain tubes. Also, economizers can be of various material designs, depending on the operating parameters. Now, this type of equipment is widely used in a variety of enterprises. Therefore, the importance of such heat exchangers is becoming higher every day

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Water economizer

In most cases, water is heated in utilizer due to the products of combustion. It will later be used for recharge. In this case, preheating can reduce the consumption of fuel used for heating-up or evaporation by supplying liquid with a higher initial temperature to the boiler. Also, in some cases, the heated liquid can be supplied for space heating or used for other industrial needs. This allows the company to save a large number of resources, both production and financial.

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Economizer in the boiler room

Boiler economizers are heaters where the flue gas heat is recovered and used to raise the water temperature. This allows saving fuel, increasing the equipment service life, as well as increasing its productivity. Steam boiler economizer should be considered as a measure of increasing efficiency when large amounts of fluid make-up are used (not all condensate is returned or a large amount of steam is used in the process when there is no condensate return) or there is a simultaneous need for a large amount of hot fluid for some other use. In some cases, the economizer represents an air heater. In such equipment, due to the heat of flue gases, it is heated and fed into the combustion chamber. This makes it possible to reduce resource consumption and improve productivity.

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How the price for the economizer is calculated

Economizers should be calculated according to flow rate of flue gases, its temperature, the maximum allowable pressure drop in the flue gas duct, the type of energy source consumed, and the amount of heat that should be extracted. Devices designed only for boilers working on natural gas are likely to operate less efficiently if installed on coal one, and will be at increased risk of corrosion if installed on fuel oil one. Some devices are designed to keep the smoke temperature above the condensation temperature after cooling, while others are made of materials resisting corrosion. Based on these parameters and the requirements for the economizer, the necessary equipment is chosen and its cost is calculated.

Economizer may be used in any enterprise where hot water or steam boiler of sufficient capacity to justify the use of the economizer. For example, at the enterprises of oil refining, metallurgical, chemical, and power sectors, economizers are used quite widely and provide lower fuel consumption when heating the same amount of water.

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