Disposal systems of flue gases

Conceptual Technology

The device is a package of heat exchange plates, placed into an all-welded or ready-made framework. The channels systems for traffic of operation environments are formed by means of welds or seal system. Several packages of heat-exchange plates can be placed in the same framework.

Design Features

The heat exchange surface can be either smooth or corrugated.

The devices can consist of one or several packages, one or several frameworks, one or several storeys.

Design variants are as follows:

  • all-welded device without access to the package of plates (basic variant);
  • all-welded device without collectors with access to the package of plates for mechanical washing at the side of one or both operation environments;
  • welded carrying framework and removable collector distribution headers. There is a possibility of mechanical washing at the side of one or both operation environments;
  • ready-made framework with access to the package of plates.

Use Cases

  • need in utilization of the heat of gas smokes;
  • need in heat treatment of gases and / or air;;
  • all working environments are gaseous;
  • need to combine gaseous and liquid environments or gaseous environment and steam in one device.

Application Range

Parameter Dimension Minimum Maximum
Area of one plate m2 0,1 12,0
Heat exchange area1 m2 0,1 18 000,0
Number of plates1 units 3 1 500
Thickness of plate mm 1,0 3,0
Gap between plates mm 4,0 30,0
Diameter of fitting1 mm 100 3 0002
Pressure atm. minus 0,1 16
Temperature °С minus 50 + 750

1In one device

2Rectangular flanges can be manufactured for the breechings of any size

Our Advantages

  • use of plates only of our own design and manufacture;
  • possibility to design and manufacture devices with reference to the existing communications and support structures;
  • possibility to manufacture devices for several (more than two) streams of air and gas;
  • possibility to equip devices with thermal expansion compensators to prevent damage due to temperature shocks, drops and strains;
  • possibility to manufacture combined heat exchange surface for the cases of cooling flue gases below the dew point: carbon steel or stainless steel for hot gases and acid-alloy for cooled gases.