Individual heating units, Heat exchange module

General Design

Heat exchange module (modular heat exchanger) is a system comprised of the equipment, fittings, instrumentation, commercial meters, automation and communication devices. It is used for connecting the engineering communications installed in the building or structures to the water and heat supply source


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Scope of Application of the Heat Exchange Module:

  • transforming the type or parameters of the heat carrier;
  • monitoring the parameters of the heat carrier;
  • regulating the flow of the heat carrier and its distribution throughout the heat consumption systems;
  • disconnecting the heat consumption systems;
  • protecting the local systems against exceeding the emergency threshold values of the heat carrier;
  • filling and refilling the heat consumption systems;
  • metering the heat, coolant and condensate flow;
  • collecting, cooling, returning the condensate and monitoring its quality, heat storage;
  • water conditioning for the hot water supply systems.

The heat exchange module may perform all or any of the aforementioned functions depending on its intended use and specific conditions of connecting the consumers.

Recommended Use

The units shall be used in following cases:

  • at the heat supply stations of the newly built or reconstructed buildings and structures, as required by the construction codes and regulations;
  • in the industrial and agricultural production lines.

Reasons to choose us:

  • design and production of the heat exchange module for the specific service conditions;
  • customizing to be operated at the specific site (premises);
  • design of the heat exchange module is in compliance with the requirements of the construction codes and regulations;
  • the heat exchange module is ready to use;
  • user friendly and reliable;
  • support and participation of our experts in commissioning;
  • all the module components are covered by the warranty.