Recuperation is a process of heat recovery in various systems without the use of utilities.
Energy recuperation is necessary in production and allows saving funds for power resources. It is also called heat recovery, which is essentially the same thing.
Most industrial enterprises have manufacturing processes associated with the heating of certain media. Typically, the remaining heat is not used and is discharged into the atmosphere. However, there is always a need for an industrial plant to have hot liquid, vapour or air.
A duty recovery system integrated into the manufacturing process chain makes it possible to use secondary heat and thereby reduce the amount of gas or electricity consumed.
The installation of recuperators for the secondary use of heat residues makes it possible to get energy for the following purposes:
heating of gases and liquids used for the manufacturing processes of the enterprise;
– water heating for hot water supply;
– heating of office, industrial and storage facilities;
– preheating of raw materials before supply to the furnace.


How the price for the recuperator is calculated

For the correct choice of the recuperation unit, it is necessary to obtain in advance the information about the parameters of working fluids involved in the heat transfer procedure. It is necessary to understand clearly the properties of process flows, the presence or absence of aggressive or highly corrosive components there. Based on the above, it is necessary to choose heat exchanger, evaluate its cost, and on the basis of this information calculate the cost of the device. It is also required to set correctly the temperature indicators of the fluids. Further, based on the data provided, the device is chosen. All these factors directly affect the pricing of the equipment.


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Industrial recuperation

Given the tremendous use of oil and its refined products, the problem of combating fumes is important. After all, they carry a huge amount of heat, and may be used in a variety of manufacturing processes. Therefore, in refineries, the recuperation of oil vapour will be a very relevant solution.
Almost any type of heat exchanger may be used as a recuperator. Plate recuperator is one of the most common options. The main reason – this type of units in 90% of cases will be an effective solution to problems for liquid and gaseous fluids. After all, heat recuperation is, in fact, energy saving. After all, if the equipment itself is effective, then the cost saving will be even more significant.
At enterprises, the recuperation is found in almost every line where there is raw material. For example, classic oil recuperators, where one flow is hot oil after deodorization, which should be cooled, and the other flow is oil, which should be preheated before further use on the line. In the dairy industry, recuperation is also used in pasteurization – after all, milk should be heated first and then cooled.
Air recuperation is relevant for premises and small production lines. It allows utilizing the ambient air heat for own needs. Besides, factories and enterprises have a large amount of effluents and waste that arise due to the specifics of the manufacturing process. Waste recuperation will also be an important aspect of saving energy resources of any enterprise

Buy heat recuperator (of vapours)

Today, you can buy recuperator from various suppliers. Nevertheless, when choosing a particular manufacturer, it is necessary to consider some nuances.
If you want to buy a recuperator from us, the price will be solely as from the manufacturer, therefore, the payback of the product will come quite quickly.
Ownership of our manufacture makes it possible to control quality at all stages.
Ankor-Teploenergo has been manufacturing heat exchange equipment for over 27 years. During this time, huge experience has been accumulated, and the company’s specialists have appropriate qualifications.

To buy a recuperator from us means to get not only a high-quality product, but also 24-hour support on any operational issues

Fields of application for a plate recuperator

Similar devices are used in the following industries:
• oil refining industry;
• food industry;
• power industry;
• water supply;
• chemical production;
• industry.

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