ALAMBIK Extraction and Distillation Unit

Batch extraction and distillation unit is used in liquor and confectionary industry, production of non-alcoholic beverages and various confectionery products.

ALAMBIK extraction and distillation unit is used to:

  •  produce flavoring and aromatic substances from plant raw materials by extraction with alcoholic solutions;
  • produce flavoured vodka
  • produce “coloured” vodka;
  • extract aromatic and flavoring agents from different raw material with alcoholic solutions;
  • strip alcohol from pulp;
  • produce flavoured concentrates from lemon peel and other plant raw materials.

These units are used in:

  • dairy industry;
  • fat-and-oil industry;
  • production of marinades, mayonnaise sauce, vegetable oil;
  • production of ice-cream, syrups, yeast concentrates;
  • production of beer;
  • production of juice and nectars, carbonated and non-carbonated drinks and baby food;
  • sugar industry;
  • winemaking;
  • confectionary industry.