Spiral heat exchangers

Spiral heat exchangers – machines for solving specific tasks, in particular, in which medium with solids are present or are just very viscous. Such features ensured their niche for this equipment in a number of positions. They, however, can be applied in various industries.

Technical characteristics of the spiral heat exchanger

The maximum operating temperature:Range of application of welded
spiral heat exchangers:
Value (characteristic)
The maximum pressure: up to 1 MPa
The maximum operating temperature: up to 450 ° C
Area range: 1,8 – 120 m2
The width of the canal: до 95 мм.

Advantages of spiral heat exchangers

1. Operations with a contaminated and very viscous medium. If we consider the spiral heat exchangers, it is this advantage that attracts attention. It is easy to explain it by the fact that there are no stagnant zones in the channels of the machine; they are wide enough, even for the passage of large particles of solids. Therefore, the heat exchange surface is practically not polluted. In addition, due to the rather high speeds in the channels, their self-cleaning takes place.

2. Easy and quick access to the plate pack. The simplicity and convenience of the design imply easy access to both the body and the pack for inspection, washing and examination. If we compare the plate-type and spiral heat exchangers, at this point you can see their similarities. This is very important in cases where mechanical cleaning is necessary.

3. Сompactness. The spiral heat exchanger has small dimensions. Accordingly, it requires a minimum of space for its installation and operation. It is also quite convenient to connect it to the supplying pipelines and dismantle it for the following service.

4. Efficiency. Despite the absence of corrugation and a wide gap between the spirals, the heat transfer coefficient in the spiral heat exchanger remains at a quite decent level and can compete with case-tubular ones. This affects the overall size and area of the heat exchange surface. Indeed, in the conditions of the modern market, this is one of the critical indicators.

5. Substantive performance. We will select the most optimal materials taking into account the specifics of the client’s production, ensuring the correct service life and based on the technical characteristics of the spiral heat exchangers. Production of spirals of stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium.

Production in Ukraine

  • Production in Ukraine

  • Plates of any size

  • Production time from 3 days

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Spiral heat exchanger scheme

The design of the spiral heat exchanger consists of two sheets, bent in a spiral, which form two types of channels. At the same time, they have a rectangular cross-section, which facilitates the movement of working media along them. For channels not to be deformed, on one side of the sheet are established spikes which prevent changes of a form. Formed channels are welded on one side to avoid product leaks. Spirals are placed in the body and welded to it.

How the price of a spiral heat exchanger is calculated

For spiral heat exchangers, the price is calculated according to the following indicators: all material required for the manufacture of the product is estimated, labor costs for their production, delivery and packaging. All this is selected when calculating the task for the product. In this case, an important role is played by the substantive performance of the spirals, the body and other components. From this data, the total cost is calculated.

Spiral heat exchanger applications

  • Нефтяная промышленность – применяются на высоковязких средах, таких как тяжелые масла, мазуты.
  • Сахарная и пищевая промышленность – масло подсолнечное, сырой сок, майонез, кетчуп, брага.
  • Целлюлозно-бумажная промышленность – отработанные растворы сульфатов, стоковые и сточные воды.
  • Химическая промышленность – ацетилакрилат, МЭА, МДЭА, ПВХ.
  • Фармацевтика.

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