Housing and utilities infrastructure

Today the most urgent issue of all spheres of life support is energy saving, i. e. introduction of energy-saving technologies into all sectors of national economy. Housing and utilities infrastructure (HUI) on the post-Soviet space is extremely energy-consuming, which is, first of all, the result of use of obsolete and worn-out outdated equipment.

To solve the problem of efficient heat supply to consumers, ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO Company offers up-to-date heat exchangers manufactured on the basis of own fins.
The main purpose of heat supply systems is the creation of comfortable indoor temperature: at home, at work, in a public place. The following heat supply system can be related to the systems, which create comfortable conditions: heating, hot water supply, heating of swimming pools, heat-insulated floor, ventilation, etc.

The most important element of such systems is the heat-exchange equipment, which ensures heat transfer from heat-transfer medium (mostly steam and water) from central heating plant to the heated medium, which comes directly to a consumer. For this purpose demountable and welded plate-type heat exchangers are used most often.

Technological purposes:

  • Central and individual heating;
  • Heating of chemically purified water;
  • Heating of swimming pools;
  • Geothermal power stations;
  • Separation of treated and raw water flows.