The condenser is a heat exchanger designed to change the state of aggregation of a medium from gaseous to liquid when the heat is released during this process. A large amount of thermal energy during the condensation process makes gaseous media an excellent coolant. Therefore, such equipment has become widespread in a wide variety of industries.

How the price of a capacitor is calculated

In this case, the pricing is no different from other types of equipment. The customer sets the task that we have to solve, we select the most optimal and effective option. In doing so, we take into account possible special wishes of the client. Further, based on the amount of material spent on manufacturing and labor hours, the price of the device is set.


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Plate-type condenser

Steam or gas, which subsequently becomes liquid, is an excellent heat transfer medium. They are quite capable of heating significant volumes of a wide variety of substances at a relatively small mass flow rate. And if you think about what type of heat-exchange equipment should be used for such tasks, plate-type heat exchangers immediately come to mind.

Indeed, the combination of the effectiveness of these devices and the thermophysical properties of vaporous media is very attractive to any client. This means that the customer will receive a plate-type condenser and at the same time an excellent solution to the problem even with a very small heat exchange area and low maintenance and work costs. If we evaluate a plate or tubular heat exchanger as a condenser, then the first one will be a more attractive option.Vapor condenser

Condensation of water vapor is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the transition of a product from a gas to a liquid state. Indeed, it is this process that has found the widest application. From steam boilers designed for heating to heavy industry and oil refining. Due to such extensive scope, the vapor condenser will always be an actual position for the use of heat exchangers on it. This becomes even more obvious if you evaluate all the advantages of vapor as a heating medium: the ease of its preparation and heating to the desired temperature, safe operation, availability, low cost of raw materials, etc.

Buy heat exchanger condenser

There are no special design solutions in heat exchangers for the condensation process. Meaning that for these positions you can buy a condenser of any type of heat exchange equipment. As mentioned above, our recommendation is a plate-type capacitor. Indeed, in addition to the described advantages, their wide range of applications can also be mentioned. And it is not limited only to water vapor. First of all, refrigeration technology can be recalled, where the freon condenser plays an important role in the cooling cycle. Similar positions are also needed in the chemical industry because there is always a need for condensation of vapors of alcohols and other volatile substances. And of course, a huge layer of the oil and gas industry, where due to various technological processes, the need for heat exchange equipment for the position of a condenser is very acute. Our company has experience in all of these areas and, if you want to buy a condenser, we will be happy to offer the appropriate equipment.

Capacitor Applications

1. Housing and communal services – steam devices for heating.
2. Fat-and-oil and food industry – steam heaters of oil, various food products, heaters as part of pasteurization plants.
3. Metallurgy – steam heaters of process water, fuel oil.
4. Refrigeration equipment – freon vapor condensers.
5. Chemical industry – condensers of vapors of alcohols, acids.
6. Oil industry – vapor condensers of petroleum products.


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