Heating is a concept everyone has heard about. We encounter water heating-up every day, making coffee in the morning. This is also one of the main purposes in the industry and HVAC sector, from the use of water for heating systems and hot water supply to all kinds of petroleum products, food media etc. A wide variety of product types may be used for these purposes. As a heat exchanger for water heating, a plate one is perfect.

Heat exchanger for heating

Система отопления – то, без чего сложно пережить зиму в городе. Теплообменники используются в независимых системах отопления. На данный момент в большинстве случаев установлены устаревшие и малоэффективные кожухотрубные аппараты. Наша фирма предлагает пластинчатые разборные на данные позиции. Они, благодаря своей высокой эффективности и современной конструкции, гораздо компактнее и практичнее в эксплуатации, являясь при этом одним из самых дешевых решений.

Теплообменник для нагрева

Heating system is something without which it is difficult to survive winter in the city. Heat exchangers are used in direct-heating systems. At the moment, in most cases, outdated and ineffective shell-and-tube devices are installed. Our company offers gasketed plate heat-exchangers for these items. Due to their high efficiency and modern design, they are much more compact and practical in operation, being at the same time one of the cheapest solutions.
Heat exchanger for heating-up
Heat exchanger for heating-up is hardly the only field of application of plate devices for the preparation of cooling agents. In all industries, from small food enterprises to gigantic metallurgical plants, various purposes are encountered everywhere. A variety of designs are used to heat water, raw materials, and wares, depending on the specifics of a particular purpose. However, it happens when the operating conditions do not allow the use of gasketed devices in this position. For example, when the product is of too high temperature, or the fluid is supplied under high pressure, or in cases where the fluids are explosive and fire hazardous. In such cases, heat exchangers of increased reliability are used, including welded, spiral, shell and tube.

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Calculation of heat exchanger for heating-up

To understand which particular device is suitable for a particular position, its thermohydraulic calculation is performed. It is performed by specialists of our company on the basis of the provided data for calculation. To do this, it is enough to tell us the temperature regime and thermal load that it should provide. You can fill out a questionnaire for the product and send it to us by e-mail, or fill out an appropriate form on the website, or contact our manager by phone and tell this data. Your application will be considered in the near time, and in reply, you will receive a technical and commercial offer that will allow you to most effectively solve the problem.

Buy heat exchanger for heating-up a pool, hot water

Buying heat exchanger for heating-up a pool or hot water is very simple. To do this, you have to leave an application on our website or call. After receiving the task, we will choose the equipment. The choice of heat exchanger for pool heating-up shall be made taking into account the time for which it is necessary to make the initial heating of water, and heat losses shall be also taken into account.

Types of heat exchangers for heating-up

1. Gasketed – water heaters in HVAC sector, heaters of water in the industry, and food environments.
2. Welded – mainly used in the positions of steam water heaters, where the design temperature exceeds 150 °C. They are applied in the positions with explosive and fire hazardous fluids.
3. Brazed – small heat exchangers used in the positions with small flow rates of water.
4. Spiral – characterized by the peculiarity of possible high-quality cleaning of the heat exchange surface for both fluids, which allows them to be used in the positions where the products are heavily contaminated.

Industries using heating-up

Heating-up is required in all kinds of industries. Starting from water for heating of manufacturing sites, ending with heaters for raw materials and wares. Food industry, oil refinery, chemical industry, metallurgical plant – none of these enterprises can do without heat exchange equipment for heating-up water or anything else.

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