Food industry

Nowadays food industry faces two main problems: the increase of population and, accordingly, the increase of food consumption, and customers’ demand for products of higher and higher quality. In food industry there are many production processes, for high-quality execution of which special plate-type heat exchangers are needed. Because of severe hygiene requirements practically all food processing equipment is made of stainless steel. ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO produces heat exchangers for food industry using special technology of stainless cladding of heat exchanger carbon surface. It makes a heat exchanger much cheaper with observance of all standards of food industry.

ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO Company has successfully implemented projects related to the manufacture and supply of plate-type heat-exchange equipment to enterprises of food industry:

Industry of alcoholic products:

  • Pasteurization, heating, and cooling of wine and beer;
  • Thermal treatment of wine materials, pulp, distiller’s spent grains, distillers’ beer, water, spirits, vodka;
  • Obtaining of flavoured spirits (UED);
  • Cooling of wort;
  • Preparation of hot water for CIP-washing

Soft drink industry:

  • Pasteurization, heating, and cooling of water, juice, quass, cold tea;
  • Cooling of mineral water;
  • Preparation of hot water for CIP-washing

Fat-and-oil industry:

  • Heating and cooling of edible oils;
  • Cooling of fatty acids;
  • Cooling for fractionation process;
  • Heat recuperator oil/oil.


Dairy industry

  • Cooling of milk at the stage acceptance of acceptance;
  • Heating, pasteurization, and cooling of milk and diary products;
  • Preparation of hot water for pasteurization and CIP-washing section.