At the present stage, the food industry is faced with two main problems: population growth, and consequently an increase in food consumption, and customer demand for ever higher quality products.
In the food industry, there are many manufacturing processes for high-quality performance of which special plate heat exchangers are required. Due to the high requirements in hygiene, almost all food processing equipment is made of stainless steel. Ankor-Teploenergo manufactures heat exchangers for the food industry, using special technology for cladding the carbon surface of the heat exchanger with a thin layer of stainless steel. This significantly reduces the cost of the heat exchanger while maintaining all the standards necessary for the food industry.


Ankor-Teploenergo company has successfully implemented projects for the manufacture and supply of plate heat exchange equipment to the functional locations of the food enterprise:

Alcohol industry:
• Pasteurization, heating, cooling of wine, beer;
• Heat treatment of wine material, must, spent wash, mash, water, alcohol, vodka;
• Obtaining of flavoured alcohols (extraction-distillation plant);
• Wort cooling;
• Hot water treatment for CIP rinsing

Production in Ukraine

  • Production in Ukraine

  • Plates of any size

  • Production time from 3 days

  • Individual settlement

  • Further service service

  • Technical consultation

  • Certificates of conformity

  • Own patents

Further service service


• Pasteurization, heating, cooling of water, juices, rye beer, cold tea;
• Cooling of mineral water;
• Hot water treatment for CIP rinsing.


• Heating and cooling of vegetable oils;
• Cooling of fatty acids;
• Cooling for fractionation;
• Oil/oil heat recuperator.


  • Milk cooling at the acceptance stage;
  • Heating, pasteurization, cooling of milk and dairy products;
  • Hot water treatment for pasteurization section and CIP rinsing.

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