Washing plants

Washing plant is intended for the chemical removal of the organic, carbonate (magnesium and calcium chemical compounds) and other deposits from the inner cavities of the heat exchange equipment, steamers, boilers and pipelines. Circulation of the cleaning solution dissolving and washing away the scale and other deposits in the heat exchange equipment lies at the root of the operating principle of this plant.

General Design

Washing plant consists of the tank used for preparing, storing and transporting the cleaning solution, as well as the pump, stop valves, control instrumentation and flexible hoses for connecting the plant to the serviced facility.

Design Features

  • high capacity tank for the cleaning solution;
  • pump output is sufficient for washing the oversized equipment
  • heating of the cleaning solution and maintaining of the preset temperature intensify the washing process and upgrade its quality;
  • complete draining of the cleaning solution from the washed equipment, as much as practicable
  • portable (on a cart) or stationary installation;
  • possible transportation of the waste cleaning solution to the utilization site.

Scope of Application

This unit is intended for servicing various installations with constrained cleaning of the non-demountable equipment, which cannot be disassembled for further mechanical cleaning.

Range of Operating Factors

Model AT-200 AT-400 AT-1000 AT-1800
Effective volume of the tank, l 200 400 1000 1800
Temperature of the cleaning solution, °C, max 70 70 80 80
Pump: output, m3/h 12 12 20 30
head, m 20 20 25 25
capacity, kW 2.2 2.2 4.0 5.5
Electric heaters: pc x kW 3 x 2 3 x 4 3 x 6.3 3 x 8
Version portable portable stationary stationary
Overall dimensions, mm
length 1,790 1,700 2,000 2,200
width 1,030 1,030 1,025 1,025
height 1,190 1,323 1,850 2,050
Empty weight, kg, max 220 340 560 760