Welded heat exchanger with removable shell

Welded heat exchangers (and their varieties) are the main product of Ankor-Teploenergo. Deprived of weak points available in the gasketed heat exchangers, welded ones significantly expand the possibilities of their use in various industries. Due to the design features, they can operate at very high temperatures (up to 650 °C) and pressures (up to 10 MPa). The reason is the lack of rubber gaskets in unit. The plates are welded around the perimeter by roller welding, forming sections that are welded together by the collector holes. Another important factor is that their thickness for welding machines starts from 1.0 mm. Also, casing design eliminates the ingress of work products into the environment, which makes it possible to use it for working with corrosive, explosive and fire hazardous or toxic substances.


Maximum operating temperature: from -100 to +650 °C
Maximum pressure: up to 10 MPa
Area range: 0.1 to 3000 m²
Thermal load 250 Mw
Plate materials:
AISI 316Ti
Hastelloy С-276
SMO 254

Benefits of the welded plate heat exchangers

1. Production in Ukraine. The welded heat exchanger is a unique product of our company and has no analogues in our country. This fact makes it possible to calculate and manufacture the equipment quickly. In addition, the customer can always contact with us and clarify all the nuances interesting for it.
2. Operating parameters. Welded heat exchangers can be used for applications where the temperature of fluids exceeds 750 °C and pressure – 10 MPa. This is due to the fact that in the absence of rubber gaskets, the properties of the metal itself will serve as a limitation.
3. National consumer-friendly. Welded heat exchangers are highly reliable units. In particular, this concerns tasks where long and correct operation of the equipment is a determining factor. In addition, the design is also focused on the maximum ease of use. This is ensured by several indicators. The corrugations have a sinusoidal shape and have a unidirectional pattern, as a result of which the contaminants are distributed evenly, and the pack itself is viewed through. Channel height is up to 8mm. This makes it possible to avoid clogging of channels with mechanical particles and greatly simplifies cleaning. Compensation for the thermal expansion of metal is also provided. It is intended for the cases when the temperature difference of working fluids at the inlet is more than 150 °C.
4. Plates of any size and geometry. Our manufacturing facilities comprise the availability of stamps of unique plates with sectional matrix, which makes it possible to vary the geometry of blanks to select the most optimal solution for the assigned task.
5. The time of manufacture is from 10 days. Being quite complex and laborious equipment, when dealing with manufacture, the welded heat exchanger manufactured by our company is manufactured in the shortest possible time. All components for its assembly are always in stock. The manufacture begins immediately after the conclusion of contract and is performed at top speeds.
6. Individual calculation. Each case is not typical for us, and we treat each solution individually. This makes each manufactured product unique, created exclusively according to the customer’s request.
7. Own patents. Welded heat exchangers are our know-how, therefore more than 100 copyright certificates and patents have been issued for them. Moreover, the design of these devices is constantly being improved.
8. Service. Buy a plate heat exchanger is half work, then it is necessary to operate and maintain it properly. In this case, we are always ready to come and help client and either give appropriate recommendations or carry out service maintenance clearly, right at the installation site. In any case, maintenance service is an important part of our partnerships with customers.

Production in Ukraine

  • Production in Ukraine

  • Plates of any size

  • Production time from 3 days

  • Individual settlement

  • Further service service

  • Technical consultation

  • Certificates of conformity

  • Own patents

Further service service

Subtypes of welded heat exchangers.

1. Welded heat exchangers with removable shell. They are the flagship of the Ankor-Teploenergo product line. They owe this to a number of benefits and advantages that make them just the product that the consumer needs. In addition to the strength and reliability inherent in welding machines, welded heat exchangers with removable shell also such an advantage as ease of use. The removable shell of these devices makes it possible to remove from out the shell cavity up to 99% of contaminants using conventional mechanical cleaning. Also, during maintenance, it is not necessary to disconnect it from the supply pipelines or to dismantle it. This is because the flanges are located on fixed elements of the shell. Unlike most types of large-sized heat exchange equipment, only 2 persons and 1 working shift are required for the maintenance. In this case, lifting and handling mechanisms are not required.
2. Shell and plate. This type is a symbiosis of welded and shell-and-tube heat exchangers. At the same time, it retained all the advantages of both these types. The corrugated plates there are inside the shell. They are welded together around the perimeter and thus form two different types of channels. There is access to the pack for revision and cleaning.
3. Semi-welded. Plates there are welded together in pairs, forming the so-called sections, in the same way as in the welding machine. The resulting sections are separated by gaskets. This design is relevant for tasks where one of the working fluids is aggressive or highly corrosive and should not contact with rubber. Moreover, if we consider this plate heat exchanger, the price for it will be quite competitive when compared with other types of devices.
4. Double-walled. The design is no different from the classic welded heat exchanger, except for the fact that four instead of two plates are used to form the section. That is, between the fluids supplied to the pack and the shell there are two plate thicknesses instead of one. This eliminates the possibility of fluid overflow in case of depressurization. This gives additional reliability, which is important in tasks where mixing of fluids is strongly prohibited.
5. Heat exchange module. It consists of several welded heat exchangers on a common frame or traverse. It is actually when it is necessary to divide heat duty on the welded heat exchangers equally or when there is no way to stop manufacture for maintenance. In this case, the module will consist of working and backup units, working by turns.

Welded plate heat exchanger scheme

The principle of operation of the equipment such as a welded heat exchanger is quite simple. Two plates welded together to form a section. These sections are welded together between the collector holes and form a pack. Then it is placed in the shell. The flow of fluids is performed through the inlet and outlet nozzles. Welded heat exchangers may be either fully-welded, when the shell structure does not allow for inspection and mechanical cleaning, and welded with removable shell, when there is access to the plate pack. Products can move in counter flow, co-current flow, or cross flow, depending on the task.

How the price for the welded heat exchanger is calculated

If you take this plate heat exchanger, the price will be formed as follows. First, the device is calculated, according to client input data. Its area, dimensions, weight, size are determined. Further, based on these data, labour and material consumption are calculated. Since each solution is unique, the cost of products will also vary.

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