Pasteurization is a one-time heating in order to eliminate bacteria in it and extend its shelf life. The temperature at which the process takes place varies depending on the raw material and the pasteurization method. The technology was invented in the second half of the nineteenth century by the French biologist Louis Pasteur.

It was he who determined the link between heat treatment and increasing the shelf life of the product. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this discovery to the food industry. Now perishable food could be stored in packages much longer. Which in turn increased the time for their implementation, and, consequently, profit. Now pasteurization is an integral part of most industries. Therefore, the need for heat exchange equipment for such positions will also be relevant for a very long time.

How the price of a pasteurizer is calculated

Based on a questionnaire completed by the customer, a heat exchanger is selected. The cost of the pasteurizer is determined on the basis of material costs and taking into account labor costs. Additionally, the material of construction, plates and frames, the number of fittings in the device, the need for separate product eduction for separation, homogenization, or other technological processes can be discussed with the customer. Of all the above points, the price of the device is added up.


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Types of heat exchangers for pasteurization

In 99 percent of the instances, the pasteurizer is a collapsible plate-type heat exchanger. Wide-channel devices can be used as variations, in most cases for very viscous media or for products that contain large solid mechanical particles. This unambiguity in the selection of equipment is due to the fact that directly by their appearance collapsible plate heat exchangers are obliged to the stricter legislation in the UK, which concerned obligatory pasteurization of products in order to prevent epidemics. Collapsible heat exchangers are also very convenient for cleaning and replacing components, which is very important for food production. For instance, milk pasteurizers need to be washed after each shift and should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week.

Buy pasteurizer in Ukraine

As a full-cycle producer, Ankor-Teploenergo provides equipment at the manufacturer’s price, avoiding intermediaries. Moreover, having over 25 years of experience in the food industry and hundreds of completed projects, we guarantee the quality and reliability of our equipment. Therefore, if you have a need to buy a pasteurizer, we are always ready to provide our services.

Industries, where pasteurization is applied

A pasteurizer is needed for the elimination of bacteria and microorganisms. Therefore, we can safely say that the food industry is the main industry for their use. In particular, the manufacture of milk, alcoholic beverages and juices.



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