Brazed plate heat exchangers

Brazed heat exchangers – high-efficiency heat exchangers for solving various tasks. They are one of the types of the plate-type heat exchanger. They are widely used in the housing and communal services, as freon evaporators in refrigeration technology, in oil branch and many others.

Technical characteristics of the brazed heat exchanger

Application range of welded and plate heat exchangers: Value (characteristic)
Power range: from 2 to 2500 kW
The maximum pressure: 45 bar
The temperature range of application: from -85 to 250 ° C
Plate materials: AISI 316, AISI 304, etc.
Solder material: stainless steel and brass

Advantages of brazed heat exchangers

1. Efficiency is a word that you should use if you want to describe brazed plate-type heat exchanger with one word. Their whole construction is designed to achieve the most productive area with minimal financial costs. This is due to a very strong turbulization of flows, which takes place through the geometry of the plates and low corrugations. At the same time, relevance on tasks with small temperature differences is not lost.

2. Areas of application. The absence of rubber seals in the presence of welds allows the use of brazed plate-type heat exchanger on tasks with aggressive or dangerous mediums. In this case, it is necessary to avoid possible leakage of substances, which is impossible in the device without welds.
3. Operating parameters. The brazed heat exchanger can be used at tasks where the pressure can develop up to 45 bar. The maximum operating temperature is 250°С. The range of applications for power is from 6 to 2000 kW.
4. Compactness. Brazed heat exchanger takes up much less space when compared to other types of equipment. First of all, this is achieved through high efficiency. When compared the same positions, the brazed heat exchanger can be ten times smaller than the сase-tubular heat exchanger, and several times smaller than collapsible one.
5. The effect of self-cleaning. Due to the low height of the corrugation, the removal of dirt from the surface of the plate is carried out during the work. This can be explained by the high degree of turbulence in the flows. Because of this, sediment is washed away by the working medium itself.
6. Reliability. The brazed plate heat exchanger has a very long lifetime – more than 5 years. Under the correct conditions of use, it can be about 10-15 years. In addition, the design excludes the possibility of leaks.
7. Delivery time. Low material consumption makes it possible to produce brazed heat exchangers in a very short time. And the geographical location of our company greatly simplifies delivery.
8. Large range of product types. A variety of plates and designs makes it possible to select the most optimal equipment. All customer requirements are also taken into account. There is the possibility of manufacturing from various materials and alloys.

Production in Ukraine

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Brazed heat exchanger scheme.

The solder heat exchanger has a standard design. A pack of plates welded together around the perimeter. Brass or, in some cases, stainless steel are used as solder. The package is placed in a welded case, which excludes the possibility of leaks. Feeding the working medium is carried out through hardware connections.

How the price of a brazed heat exchanger is calculated

After the calculation and selection of equipment, based on customer data, the cost is calculated. It depends on the material performance, the thickness of the body and variations of the connections. And given the low material consumption and low labor costs during the production, the cost of such a product as a brazed plate-type heat exchanger is calculated in the speediest possible way.

Brazed heat exchanger fields of application

The housing and communal service – used for heating and hot water supply, ventilation, floor heating. Considering that often a very small capacity heat exchanger may be required for these tasks, compactness and low price will be a significant advantage over other types of devices.

Refrigeration – freon evaporators and condensers, glycol coolers for refrigeration machines. The design makes it possible to avoid the leakage of freon, which is a dangerous medium, which makes it very relevant to use this type of equipment.

Oil branch – final oil coolers, steam oil heaters. In such cases, the media do not require constant cleaning and the use of a brazed heat exchanger is quite justified.

Chemistry – as condensers or coolers of alcohols, this type of equipment is also relevant.

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