сase-tubular heat exchangers

Сase-tubular heat exchangers – one of the most common types of heat exchange equipment in the world. In general, they can be called pioneers in this area of instrumentation. Over time, their design was modernized and improved, which allowed them to compete with new developments.

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Advantages of сase-tubular heat exchangers

1.Reliability and durability. Due to the simplicity of its design, сase-tubular heat exchangers can last for decades. The reason is that the thickness of the metal of each element is rather high. Therefore, corrosion or mechanical effects have a little effect on the performance of the device.

2. Operating parameters. This type of device withstands temperatures above 900 ° C and over 60 bar of pressure. This allows our customers to use a сase-tubular device for almost any task. At the same time, they are relevant for tasks under vacuum or where the minimum pressure loss is required. The reason for this feature is the absence of corrugation on the tubes, as a result of which the flow does not reach high speed while moving in the device.
3. Repairability. In the case of the release of any number of tubes in such devices as shell-and-tube heat exchangers, there is always the possibility to drown them and continue to operate the product in normal mode. In the case of the release of any number of tubes in such devices as сase-tubular heat exchangers, there is always the possibility to drown them and continue to operate the product in normal mode.
4. Safe operation. The сase-tubular heat exchanger owes its name to the two main elements of its design – the сase itself and the tubes assembled in a bundle. It is due to the casing, it can be used on tasks where aggressive or just dangerous working mediums are used. Such a design doesn’t allow harmful components to enter the environment and won’t allow creating dangerous situations at work.
5. Resistance to pressure drop. Unlike the other types of heat exchangers, сase-tubular heat exchangers are resilient to changes and pressure drops due to their design. This fact greatly increases the reliability of the device and reduces the possibility of failure.
6. Maintenance. By looking at drawing of a сase-tubular heat exchanger, you can see that there is extremely convenient and easy access to the tube bundle and the intertube space opens. What is very important when it comes to maintenance, service and inspection.
7. Variability in the selection of equipment. When calculating, there is no direction towards any specific size type of pipes or casing dimensions. Therefore, it is always possible to offer the most suitable сase-tubular heat exchanger for the task requested by a client. If we take into account сase-tubular heat exchanger, the principle of operation will not differ from other types of heat exchangers.
8. Production in Ukraine. Despite the large market, the main products of which are сase-tubular heat exchangers, we are one of the few manufacturers with a complete production cycle. Our potential partners can always learn more about it.

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Сase-tubular heat exchanger scheme.

As its name suggests, two main components of the structure – the casing and the tube bundle. The latter is located on a special plate called tube plate. The tubes can be smooth or ribbed depending on the task. The principle of operation of сase-tubular heat exchangers is as follows: fluids are fed into the tubes and the intertube space. The heat exchange process takes place through the surface area of the tube bundle. For a better distribution of the medium in the product, a distribution chamber can be installed before the tube plate. In the case when the temperature difference between working mediums, the construction may provide for compensation for temperature expansions. This may be provided by the construction feature. As an example, a сase-tubular heat exchanger with a floating head or with a U-bundle can be used.

How the price of a сase-tubular heat exchanger is calculated

After carrying out a thermophysical and hydraulic calculation, selection of materials of construction of the heat exchanger, the device is priced. The main criterion is the mass of material needed for production, as well as other various parts. Next, the labor costs and the total price are calculated.

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