Fill out the questionnaire for solving service problems

Cooled environment
(hot side)
Heated medium
(cold side)
Mediums name
Concentration or grade
Mediums temperatures t, °C, °C
Plate number, pcs          
In-service date ΔP          
Last service date G          
Form of failure Q     


  • Distortion of heat exchanger operating mode
  • Leaking or mixing operating fluids, involved in heat transfer (flows between circuits)
  • Increased pressure drop during operation
  • Additional costs for replacement of gaskets and plated in heat exchanger


  • Improper use of chemicals can damage the plates
  • Untimely plate damage identification can lead to loss of production and violation of equipment maintenance safety
  • Poor gaskets quality and glued fixing can lead to fluids leaks
  • Heat exchanger repair according to the principle “we will carry it out ourselves” leads to a partial or complete replacement of the heat exchanger

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