Petroleum industry

Under market economy conditions the output of competitive products at domestic production facilities is incidental to the necessity of substantial and quick reduction of energy intensity of production. It is associated with the high specific power consumption per article produced.


A design of the demountable heat exchanger, which was specifically developed by ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO specialists, combines a number of technological advantages in one compact device. All-welded set of fins, absence of fin gaskets, and access to heat exchanger’s set of fins from one of the processing medium allow working with wide range of aggressive and contaminated media under conditions of high temperatures and pressure.

In comparison with shell-and-tube heat exchanger, a plate-type heat exchanger, due to high heat-transfer coefficient, allows to save production space significantly because of its compact size. Plate-type heat exchangers can perform functions of condensers, waste heat exchangers, recuperative heat exchangers or water heaters for distillation and cleaning of column, as well as to be used for other technological purposes.

Technological purposes:

  • Heating of crude oil, drilling fluids and water;
  • Low-grade waste heat and technical water recovery;
  • Heat recuperation in the process of oil drying;
  • Heating of oil and oil products;
  • Cooling of diesel plants, compressors, industrial solutions;
  • Condensation of fraction vapor in the process of oil distillation.