Chemical industry

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine the progress of civilization without chemistry, whether it be detergents, floor coating, high-technology fiber for clothes or colouring agents in soft drinks. All life spheres depend upon chemical industry to a greater or lesser extent.

Requirements to plate-type heat exchangers in chemical production processes are extremely different and often rather complicated. ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO Company has a great experience in selection and introduction of heat-exchange equipment to different enterprises of chemical industry. We are ready to answer any questions related to calculations and selection of the most efficient heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, coolers, waste heat recovery units and other heat-exchange equipment. Our plate-type heat exchangers are successfully used in sodium carbonate production for ammoniated salt solution coolers. Moreover, they are successfully used for the purpose of boiling and condensation of ammonia, freons, furfural, etc.

Technological purposes:

  • Cooling of lye, acids, circulating water, salt solutions;
  • Gas condensation/cooling;
  • Cooling of plating baths;
  • Steam heating of medium;
  • Waste-heat recovery.