Nowadays, the progress of civilization cannot be imagined without the participation of chemistry. Whether it is detergents, floor coverings, high-tech fibres for clothing or dyes in soft drinks. All areas of human activity to a greater or lesser extent depend on the chemical industry.
The requirements for plate heat exchangers in chemical manufacturing processes are very diverse, and often very complex. Ankor-Teploenergo company has enormous experience in the selection and implementation of heat exchange equipment at various enterprises of the chemical industry. We are ready to answer any questions related to the calculations and selection of the most efficient heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, coolers, heat recovery units and other heat-exchange equipment.


• Cooling of strong alkaline solutions, acids, circulating water, saline solutions;
• Condensation/cooling of gases;
• Cooling of plating baths;
• Heating mediums by steam;
• Utilization of heat.

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