Power industry

Economic development assumes a significant expansion of energy consumption. This energy should be generated economically, safely and in an environmentally acceptable way not to pose a threat to the development of future generations. That is why one of the main tasks of present-day power industry is a search of new solutions and implementation of advanced technologies for energy regeneration.

ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO is one of the few manufacturing enterprises in the field of heat-exchange equipment, which allows reasonably upgrading and finding innovative engineering solutions in the process of scheduled reconstruction of objects.

Technological purposes:

  • Heating and cooling of fluids and lubricating oils;
  • Gas cooling and condensation;
  • Waste heat recovery in production processes (heat recuperation).
  • Boilers at extractions of steam turbines;
  • Heat recovery units in в gas turbine plants;
  • Coolers of reactor’s operating cycle;
  • Heating and cooling of water solutions;