Power industry

Economic development involves a substantial increase in energy consumption. This energy should be generated in an economical, safe and environmentally acceptable manner so as not to jeopardize the development of future generations. Therefore, one of the main purposes of modern power industry is the search for new solutions and the introduction of advanced technologies for energy recovery. Ankor-Teploenergo is one of few manufacturers in the field of heat exchange equipment making it possible to modernize and make advanced technical solutions during planned reconstructions at the facilities

Production in Ukraine

  • Production in Ukraine

  • Plates of any size

  • Production time from 3 days

  • Individual settlement

  • Further service service

  • Technical consultation

  • Certificates of conformity

  • Own patents

Further service service


  • Heating and cooling of liquids, grease oil;
  • Condensation and cooling of gases;
  • Return of outgoing heat in the manufacturing processes (heat recovery).
  • Heaters of system water in extraction in steam turbines;
  • Heat recovery in gas turbine plants;
  • Cooling of operating cycle of reactors;
  • Cooling and heating of water solutions.

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