Heater is equipment the main purpose of which is to heat air for various needs. Depending on the process as the result of which heating takes place, they may be either water or electric. One of the types of air heater is familiar to all of us. Electric heater heats the premises, providing a more comfortable temperature in apartments in the cold season. Air heating is necessary not only at home to maintain comfort in housing, but also in industry. It is mainly used for drying various industrial products.

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Water heater

The most common type of air heaters is a water heater. They represent heat exchangers where hot water serves as a heating agent. Largely, this type of equipment is made on the basis of finned tubes. This makes it possible to increase the efficiency of heat transfer from the low-efficient gas flow, thereby lowering the area and reducing its cost. Such heat exchangers are also used in the supply ventilation systems of various manufacturing facilities, thereby increasing the level of comfort.

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Industrial heater

As already mentioned, manufacturing processes also often require heating of the air for various needs. When it should be heated to high temperatures, about 120-140 degrees, it is advisable to use steam as a heating agent. In dryers, hot air transfers its heat for evaporation of moisture from the material to be dried, and then removes moisture from the dryer, taking it with itself.
Also, in large industrial enterprises, the position of gas air heater, preheating the air before being fed into the boiler, is often found. This makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the boiler and reduce fuel consumption, either natural gas, fuel oil or something else. Air in this case is heated in so-called utilizers. In these heat exchangers, due to the heat of exhaust flue gases, heating is performed. This allows to increase simultaneously the environmental friendliness of enterprise, reducing the temperature of flue gases emitted into the atmosphere after combustion, and increase the efficiency of boiler.

How the price for the heater is calculated

The cost of heat exchange equipment is determined after choosing the necessary type of device. Based on the purpose for which it is necessary to heat the air, a heat exchanger is chosen. Household heaters should be selected based on the area of heated premises. And if we are talking about industrial equipment: air, water, gas heater, the choice of equipment is somewhat more complicated. Depending on the initial temperature of air, and the targeted one, to which it should be heated, as well as on which fluid acts as a cooling agent (water, steam, flue gases), the necessary equipment is chosen. It is necessary to calculate the required area of the device, to choose the optimal design allowing to provide the required hydraulic resistance for working fluids. And after the device design is determined, the heater price is calculated.

Heater fields of application

They may be used almost at every enterprise for heating the air of industrial premises. If we are talking about other purposes, for example, drying industrial products, the range of enterprises that use such equipment becomes narrower. Metallurgical and coke enterprises use similar equipment. Recuperators heating the air for feeding into the furnace due to the heat of exhaust flue gases are quite common. They are installed on many boilers of enterprises in the energy, metallurgy, oil refining, paper and other industries.

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