Metallurgy industry

Plate-type heat exchangers of ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO are widely used in blast furnace cooling systems, steel rolling systems and other steelmaking processes.


The growing world competition makes iron and steel companies search ways for the reduction of production costs. Metallurgy is one of the most power-consuming branches of industry. For example, share of costs for fuel and power resources (FPR) in the total costs of companies of iron and steel industry comes up to 30% and is constantly increasing as a result of the rise in FPR prices. That is why the enhancement of FPR use efficiency is now one of the higher priority tasks for specialists of iron and steel companies.

The research conducted shows that one of the ways of solution of the above task is the use of secondary energy resources (heat recovery).
The use of ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO’s heat-exchange equipment allows efficient solving of heat-exchange problems at enterprises of metallurgy industry.

Technological purposes:

  • Cooling of oil, molds, rolling mill emulsions;
  • Industrial heat recovery;
  • Cooling of continuous casting machines;
  • Cooling of compressors;
  • Cooling of coke furnace batteries, coke gas;
  • chemical processing of coking products.