Gasketed plate heat exchangers

An important part of the products produced by the company “Ankor-Teploenergo” is the classic collapsible plate-type heat exchangers. This type of devices is widely used in various types of production and is one of the most common types of heat exchange equipment.

With its simple and compact design and being at the same time easy to use, collapsible plate-type heat exchanger does not lose its relevance. Also, mechanical cleaning is possible for both working environments. This allows us to make repairs for the shortest period possible and without great complexity. In addition, there is an option to increase power by increasing the number of plates on the frame. With regard to the material performance, we have a complete production cycle, including the press section for stamping plates and the area for the production of rubber products. “Ankor-Teploenergo” can stamp from various materials, ranging from AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel, to high-alloyed Hastelloy and even to titanium. In total, there are more than 40 sizes produced by” Ankor-Teploenergo”. This variability allows choosing a collapsible plate-type heat exchanger and the most effective and economical solutions to problems.

Advantages of collapsible plate-type heat exchangers

-Production in Ukraine. For now, we are the only manufacturer of such product as a plate-type heat exchanger with a complete production cycle. This advantage gives us very great flexibility in the calculation and in the production of equipment. We carry out all the work, from design to manufacturing, completely excluding various intermediaries.

– Plates of any size. Our products have a great variability which is achieved due to the presence of various matrices and stamps, each of which has its own specific characteristics that make them optimal for various tasks. Also taking into account the peculiarities of the customer’s production, we can select a collapsible heat exchanger with such material that can work for a long period of time.
– Production time up to 3 days. Our production facilities allow us to produce immediately a collapsible plate-type heat exchanger upon client’s request. Such speed of production allows us to solve urgent and emergency tasks, where the issue of immediate installation and manufacturing is particularly acute.
– Individual calculation. Each task received by us is calculated individually, based on the source data of the client. Such an approach allows choosing the product as the most optimal and effective solution, making the device unique.
– Our patents. Given our company years of experience, there are already more than 100 certificates of authorship and patents in the field of such devices as collapsible plate-type heat exchangers. And every year their number will increase because the engineering and design potential of our company grows over time.
– Conformance certificates. All our products are certified under various quality systems and international certificates (ASME, ISO, PED).
– Further service. After the plate-type heat exchanger arrives at the customer and is operated, we still have the opportunity to carry out its service. It includes cleaning, replacement of components. Training of customer staff for device service is possible.
– Technical advice. If you have any questions when working with a collapsible plate-type heat exchanger, our experts will be happy to advise you and give recommendations regarding the operation of the device.

Production in Ukraine

  • Production in Ukraine

  • Plates of any size

  • Production time from 3 days

  • Individual settlement

  • Further service service

  • Technical consultation

  • Certificates of conformity

  • Own patents

Further service service

Types of the collapsible plate-type heat exchanger

1. Semi-folding – They are based on the design of a collapsible heat exchanger. The main difference is that in them the plates are welded to each other in pairs, forming the so-called sections. The resulting sections are separated by gaskets. Thus, contact of one of the media with rubber seals is completely eliminated, which allows them to be used on tasks in which one of the working media is aggressive and leakage is not allowed or if it has a high operating temperature. The disadvantage is the fact that for the inspection there is no access to the inside of the welded sections, therefore only chemical cleaning is provided for this case.

2. Mesh-flow. This type is the most recognizable and popular type of heat exchange equipment in the world. It has a very wide range of applications, simple and effective design. In addition, considering the collapsible plate heat exchanger the price is also important. They are used everywhere in various positions, with a limit on the possible temperature of up to 200 ° C and an operating pressure of up to 25 bar.
3. Wide-channel or free-flow. The name of these devices indicates their main feature. While other collapsible heat exchangers have a wavy structure of channels, the height of which can vary from 1.5 to 4.4 mm, this type of equipment has an even and one-dimensional channel, with a height of 8 to 20 mm. They are mainly used in industries where there may be large mechanical inclusions in the product or it is disposed to the appearance of depositions.

Сollapsible plate-type heat exchanger scheme

It is a very simple device. Two plates, a package of plates with rubber seals and studs which drawn them together. Components can be made of various materials, depending on the specifics of the request. Also, such a simple design of the device provides for the possibility of increasing power, by adding new components. In addition, complete cleaning of a device and replacement of damaged components with new ones is possible. The process of heat exchange begins in the device after the working medium enters the collapsible plate-type heat exchanger through the joints. They move through the channels that formed the rubber seals. Products can move both towards each other (countercurrent) and in one direction (forward flow), depending on the parameters that are set.

How is the price of a collapsible heat exchanger calculated

Price formation takes place in several stages. First, after receiving the source data from the customer, the heat exchanger and its main parameters (area, material performance, frame type, etc.) are calculated. Since each calculation is individual for each task, all the components of the heat exchanger, which were incorporated as an outcome solution, are priced, taking into account the cost of their manufacture and material consumption.

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