Water heating utilizer of “Gas-Liquid” type

The utilizer (economizer) is installed after the boiler on the flue-gases outlet line and is designed to preheat the “return flow” of heat carrier (water) before of the boiler. Heating of other liquids (antifreezing agent, thermal oil) and for other purposes is possible.

We offer utilizers for flue-gases cooling to the dew point (usual material design) and recuperators operating in condensing mode (stainless material design).

When cooling the flue gases to the dew point, the heat recovery is 4..7% of the rated thermal power of the boiler depending on the degree of flue-gases “cooldown”.


When the recuperator is operating in the condensing mode, depending on the degree of flue-gases “cooldown”, the heat recovery can reach 18% of the rated thermal power of the boiler.

Our enterprise manufactures plate and tubular recuperators.

Tubular utilizers are manufactured on the basis of smooth or ribbed tubes.

Utilizers produced by Ankor-Teploenergo have a number of advantages:

  • compact sizes,
  • low weight,
  • low aerodynamic and hydraulic losses,
  • there is an access to the outer surface of the plate package, ribbed surface and inner surface of the tube bundle for the possibility of cleaning, inspection, examination and maintenance.

The utilizers are used with boilers that burn the following fuel types:

  • natural gas,
  • wood (pellets, briquettes, etc.)
  • coal
  • other fuel types (black oil fuel, diesel fuel).

The main scope of application is industrial boilers (with power from 80 kW to 20 MW and above), and industrial boilers – steam generators.

Application range:

Parameter Dimension Minimum Maximum
Water pressure MPaG 0 2.5 1)
Temperature оС 0 350 2)
Boiler power kW 80 20,000 3)
  • Can be manufactured for higher pressure.
  • Can be manufactured up to 600°C.
  •  Can be manufactured for more powerful boilers.

After cooling in “Gas-Liquid” type recuperator, flue gases still have the potential for air heating. That is, flue-gases cooling is possible with a two-stage scheme. At the first stage, flue-gases pre-cooling occurs in the “Gas-Liquid” recuperator, with heating the water of the return line of heat carrier before feeding to the boiler. At the second stage (“Gas-Gas” recuperator), flue-gases after-cooling and heating of the air being fed into the boiler furnace occurs. This connection scheme allows increasing the degree of heat recovery and efficiency of the boiler.

Example of application for the recuperator produced by “Ankor-Teploenergo” Private Research and Production Company:

The recuperator is installed at the outlet of gas reciprocating engine of the cogeneration unit and heats the water of the return line of heat-carrier.

Performance specifications of the recuperator:

– Flue gases are cooled from 180°C to 97°C.

– Flue-gas flow rate of 3,000 Nm3/h (3,936 kg/h).

– Heat carrier is heated from 45°C to 55°C.

– Heat-carrier flow rate of 8,450 kg/h.

– Heat recovery is 98 kW/h.

Low aerodynamic drag of the recuperator allowed managing without smoke exhaust installation.

Taken as a whole, the heat gain was 3 Gcal per day while reducing the consumption of fuel equivalent from 187 kg/Gcal to 172 kg/Gcal.