Air coolers

Air cooler is designed to solve cases where they are an uncontested and cost-effective option. They got widespread in the oil refining, chemical industry, metallurgy. As the name suggests, the main principle of operation is to use air as a coolant for working fluids.


Maximum operating temperature: up to +400 °C
Maximum pressure: up to 16 MPa
Area range: up to 7500 m2
Thermal load 25 Mw
Plate materials:
AISI 316Ti
Hastelloy С-276
SMO 254

Advantages of the air coolers

1. Closed circuits. Due to the specifics of its design, the possibility of fluid overflow is completely excluded. The likelihood of contamination is also minimized. At the same time, we would like to draw the attention to the fact that the manufacture of air coolers implies the maximum reliability of the manufactured equipment.

2. Installation suppleness. Due to the wide range of material design, the air cooling unit may be used at almost any ambient temperature. At the same time, not fearing for its performance.

3. Low maintenance costs. The basis for such a device as air cooler system was a shell-and-tube heat exchanger. From this, we can conclude the extremely high reliability and durability of the product. And considering that one of the working fluid is air, the need for cleaning remains for only one working circuit.

4. Low operating costs. For operation, there is no need for pumps along the cooling agent circuit, and its preliminary preparation is usually not required. The main costs will fall on the air supply devices, which will supply it to the air cooling unit. This fact makes the acquisition of these units very economically feasible. Especially for large-scale purposes.

5. Applications for various types of working fluids. In addition to the purposes such as “air-liquid”, this type of equipment may be used as a gas cooler. The gas-air cooling unit is very relevant for most industries where this product is used. Besides, it is possible to use as condenser of gases or vapours. However, most often for this purpose the product will be used as an air cooler horizontal (horizontal arrangement).

6. Environmental friendliness. The simplicity of design and minimal use of resources and fuel make this type of heat exchanger very environmentally friendly. In light of recent trends, this may be very relevant for any manufacturing facilities.

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Air cooler arrangement

By design, the air cooling unit is very similar to the shell and tube one. The so-called air cooler section consists of tubes connected to the tube plate. To increase the area of heat transfer, they may have fins. All sections are on a common frame. Air is supplied to the intertubular space by fans. For their operation, electric motors are installed actuating the blades. To increase the efficiency of fans the diffusers are installed before them. They are made of sheet and welded to casing. After the air cooler calculation is made, all these components are chosen based on the information received

How is the price for the air cooling unit calculated?

Air cooler sections design based on the input data and performance. Then, it is determined what type of tubes will be used in the unit. Then the shell dimensions is chosen. We choose fans, their type and the diameter of blades according to case. Determine electric motors according to operation mode. For air coolers, the price is determined based on the cost of all of the above components.

Air cooler fields of application

– Oil and gas industry – air coolers and condensers of gases, oil products.
– Chemical industry – coolers and condensers of chemical reagents.
– Metallurgy – cooling of mineral and synthetic oils.

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