Gratitude to the team of PSPC “Ankor-Teploenergo”

“Fund for saving children and adolescents of Ukraine from drugs” expressed deep gratitude to the Director of PSPC “Ankor-Teploenergo” Gurov Oleg Ivanovich, as well as the company’s team for participating in socially important projects of the Fund and the indifferent attitude to the problems of the youth of Ukraine.

“Your contribution is important, because the future of children in our country depends on our joint work today,” commented the president of the Fund for the Save the Children and Teenagers of Ukraine from Drugs Mislavskaya I.B..

On behalf of Ankor-Teploenergo we want to wish success to Fund in their business and prosperity.

Together we will help children and teenagers find their way in this difficult time.

Gratitude to the team of PSPC "Ankor-Teploenergo"