Heat Exchanger Manufactur | “ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO”

The Catalog of exchengers

The Scientific and Production Company Ankor-Teploenergo is an enterprise of the complete cycle focused on heat exchanger production. This allows calculating and manufacturing various types of equipment, ignoring different mediators. The catalog of our product line is rather diverse. It is worth mentioning that all products are developed and engineered only by our company. The catalog of products includes the following heat exchangers, units and other types of production:

  • collapsible;
  • welded and welded with a collapsible body;
  • spiral;
  • soldered;
  • tubular (case-tubular);
  • individual heating centers;
  • extraction- distillation units;
  • air cooling devices and sections for them;
  • flue gas utilizers;
  • heat recuperators;
  • pasteurizers;
  • промивні машинки;
  • filters;
  • washing units;
  • production of components;
  • manufacture of metalware.

Ankor-Teploenergo achievements

During Ankor-Teploenergo dynamic and productive activity thousands of projects, calculations, hundreds of patents and inventor’s certificates were given to our employees; more than 15,000 objects were produced and put into operation in over 30 branches of industry. Achievements include our highly-skilled specialists, who can work to solve any given problem in a process as complex as heat exchangers production. It is also important that while manufacturing heat exchangers production plays a significant role. And since we have our own workshop, which meets all modern requirements and wishes, we have a powerful claim to strengthening leadership positions on the market of heat exchangers equipment.


Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"

Of successful

More than

Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"

Оbjects were put into
operation with us

More than

Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"

Ppartners who
trust us

More than

Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"

Branches of industry
of application of plate-type
heat exchange equipment

More than

Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"

Inventor’s certificates and
patents on plate-type
heat exchangers design

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Ankor-Teploenergo service

After a customer bought a product, service plays an important role. Having ordered heat exchanger from us, you get not just high quality and reliable product, but 24-hour support, which is ready to answer any your question. In addition, we can make contract supervision and do the pre-commissioning.

Production of heat exchange equipment implies convenience in its service maintenance. In particular, almost all of our constructions are designed for most convenient cleaning. The correct operation and regular maintenance of equipment have proved to significantly reduce downtime and contribute to the safe operation. For the replacement of components, they are always available in Ankor Kharkov. This allows for their delivery and replacement in the shortest possible time. Conducting training by our employees for customer staff on heat exchangers service maintenance is possible. The maintenance is carried out both during the guarantee and after guarantee periods.


  • Individual engineering solutions for a client
  • Upgrading/replacement of the existing heat exchanger for improving energy efficiency
  • Calculation of the payback of upgrading/replacement

Technical support

  • Advice on operating
  • Drawing up a maintenance program
  • Preliminary expert evaluation of equipment development


of a full range
of services








  • Heat exchanger delivery
  • Contract supervision or mounting of a heat exchanger and components
  • Training of staff in the operation
  • Emergency response with departure on a site


  • Original components from any manufacturer
  • Low prices
  • Components from any manufacturer are available in stock
  • Quick delivery


  • Heat exchanger diagnostic
  • Chemical washing without dismantling
  • Washing after dismantling
  • Plates flaw detection
  • Diagnosis of the reason of a breakdown

The Scientific and Production Company Ankor-Teploenergo

займається виробництвом теплообмінників більше 15 років!

The company Ankor-Teploenergo is one of the leading enterprises in Ukraine, CIS and Eastern European countries in the field of producing, developing of heat exchangers and related positions.

The enterprise has created on the basis of Kharkov Research Institute of Chemical Engineering at the beginning of 1991. Most of the staff of this university eventually formed the basis of Ankor Teploenergo. Having more than thirty years of development and techniques in a field such as producing of heat exchangers we took a leading position on the market. Such an experience makes it possible not to doubt about the qualifications and competence of our employees. Our company is actively developing and does not stand still, generating new ideas and improving existing.

The arguments for working
with Ankor-Teploenergo Kharkov

  • The fundamental principle of our firm is not to offer our partners ready-to-use and typical solutions. Every unit created by our specialists is a mix of the latest developments of construction and production. All our developments are protected by the inventor’s certificates and patents.
  • Producing heat exchangers we try to get not just customers, but partners, with a view to a long and fruitful partnership.
  • Workshop of the enterprise is equipped with modern equipment that allows producing competitive and high-quality products and details for them, also components to already manufactured devices. Taking into account the specificity of our firm spare parts are always in sufficient numbers in our stock and are quickly delivered to our customers.
  • All calculations and producing are carried out in the shortest possible time that allows delivering heat exchanger to a customer just in time. Due to our geographic location, the delivery is speeded up and simplified.
  • Production is certificated under the existing laws of the customer’s country.
  • In the Scientific and Production Company Ankor-Teploenergo the system has been created, which allows controlling production at all stages. Our products meet national and international product standards ASME section II; VIII; IX и ISO 9001:2015.

The right technology decision
at the lowest cost on the market

Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"

Prompt assistance in addressing any problem 24/7

Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"

A wide range of standard sizes

Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"

Strict observance of partnership arrangements

Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"

The possibility of producing non-standard constructions (with existing binding)

Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"
Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"

Components are always available. Own engineering and production base are located in the city of Kharkov

Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"

An energy audit of enterprises by our engineers anywhere in Ukraine

Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"

Excellent logistics is minimum delivery time

Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"

On all equipment produced by us, a guarantee is given from 12 months

Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"

Our company is accredited under quality system ISO 9001-2015. Consequently, we produce only high-quality equipment

Heat Exchanger Manufactur | "ANKOR-TEPLOENERGO"

Our favorite customers

More than 3000 partners have trusted us since 1991. We always try to act in the interest of a customer and choose the best possible and optimal decision. Our specialists monitor the activity of devices such as heat exchanger from the design stage to putting it into operation and its further work. The analysis of the activity of existing devices is carried out to streamline the production process and to develop potential new construction. Also after a certain time of use of heat exchanger by a customer, we try to get feedback on its performance and to find out in what condition it is to evaluate the need for providing maintenance service.

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