Is it worth servicing plate-type exchangers on your own?

Стоит ли обслуживать пластинчатый теплообменник самостоятельно?
For the timely servicing of machinery, manufacturers of heat exchange equipment usually make up a maintenance schedule. But as experience shows, the service program is not always faithfully executed, or there are signs of problems in the work of special equipment before the scheduled maintenance comes:

  • the load on the tubing groups increases, which increases energy consumption;
  • increased pressure drops;
  • may occur a mixture of the medium involved in heat exchange;
  • reduced equipment efficiency.


Then engineers and managers are faced with the dilemma: whether to conduct maintenance and repair of plate-type heat exchangers on their own or entrust this work to qualified specialists? It`s necessary to give answers to several questions to make the right decision.

  1. Are there tools for disassembling and assembling of a plate-type heat exchanger?
  2. Whether the necessary spare parts for the repair of heat exchangers have been purchased?
  3. Are staff trained for performing maintenance?
  4. Will employees be able to assemble the unit after cleaning and checking its operability?
  5. Who will ensure meeting of requirements of safety measures during technical operations?


If you do not have the answers to the above questions, then it is better to entrust the maintenance of the installation to certified specialists of the private Scientific and Production Company Ankor-Teploenergo.


Почему стоит обслуживать пластинчатые теплообменники в ЧНПФ «Анкор-Теплоэнерго»?!
The company has been producing and servicing different models of plate-type heat exchangers since 1991, which are developed individually for each production task. All activities of the company are carried out in keeping with international standard ISO 9000: 2015.

After making of a contract with the Ankor-Teploenergo, clients receive technical support on a 24-hour basis without weekends and holidays. Before planning a service program, certified specialists will conduct an expert evaluation of the condition of the equipment.

The technical service of plate-type heat exchangers includes:

  • equipment diagnostic;
  • washing with chemical reagents without dismantling;
  • disassembly and mechanical cleaning of the plates;
  • detection of defective components;
  • finding out the causes of failure.


When the replacement of components with plate-type heat exchangers is required, company representatives offer clients only original parts at reasonable prices. In the absence of components in stock, the company guarantees fast delivery.

Concern of equipment by qualified specialists of our company will allow you to save significant funds by reducing downtime of the production.

You may read more about service maintenance by clicking on the link to the page of the Service department .