Manufacturing capabilities

The PSPC Ankor-Teploenergois primarily a production Company that has a fairly wide range of production equipment and qualified staff, involved in the manufacture of heat-transfer equipment. The production premises of the enterprise are equipped with modern high-tech equipment, which allows for carrying out blank, stamping, assembly-welding works, mechanical treatment of minor components and details from different materials and provides a flexible change of technological processes.

Types of the works performed:

Blank production allows:

To cut black sheet metal with thickness up to 180 mm, stainless one – up to 30 mm on the installation of gas-plasma cutting with NPC (numerical program control). The uncut dimensions are 2000 x 6000 mm;

To cut sheet metal up to 12 mm on guillotine shears;

To roll sheet material with thickness up to 12 mm and width up to 2000 mm on the three-roll rolling machine;

To cut pipes, including profile ones of any length and on the cutting machines;

To cut out radial holes in the pipes with diameter up to 800 mm in the KS600D machine.

Stamping production

Forging equipment allows for manufacturing parts by cutting and cold stamping on the crank and hydraulic presses with a force of extrusion to 6000 tons.


Manufacture of rubber technical products

The RTP equipment (rubber technical products equipment) allows for providing the whole technological cycle of manufacturing the sealing elements (gaskets, sleeves, round rings, etc.) from rolling and injecting of raw rubber mixtures up to vulcanization of the finished products at the semiautomatic vulcanization presses.

Mechanical processing

The equipment for mechanical processing includes the whole range of screw-cutting lathes with MRS (maintenance and repair shop) to 3000 mm, turning-and-boring lathes with a diameter of a plan-washer of 1100 mm, universal milling machines, rigid-bed milling and double-housing machines, that allow for carrying out the processing of parts and assembly units up to 3,000 kg. Also there is a possibility of mechanical processing of parts and assembly units at the jig boring, surface grinding and radial drilling machines.

The structure of species and groups of cutting equipment is characterized by a high degree of universality that provides sufficient flexibility and allows for annual development of new products without a radical change in the composition of the equipment. The machinery equipment is subject to a regular scheduled preventive maintenance and testing of the technological accuracy. The modernization of equipment is made according to plan.

Welding assembly production

Used welding methods:

  • contact welding;

  • seam welding;

  • semi-automatic and mechanized welding in the gas-shielded solid and cored field, with filler material “Fronius” (Austria);

  • argonarc orbital welding with non-consumable electrode (Austria);

  • microplasma welding

The welding stations are equipped with console cranes. The manufacture of the products is carried out due to standard technological processes by certified welders.

The thickness of the welded materials is from 0.4 mm up to 100 mm. The welded steel and alloys: low-carbon, low-alloy, high-alloy and stainless and special alloys with high nickel and molybdenum.

Weight-lifting equipment

The fact that the enterprise is equipped with weight-lifting equipment allows for transporting and shipping the products with weight up to 25 tons.

Preparation of surfaces for coatings

The preparation of surfaces for coatings of the products made ​​of carbon and stainless steels is carried out on the sand-blasting installation and in the grit blasting chamber on the basis of the shot-blast machine “Mammut” (Germany) with the system of collection and fraction regeneration.

Painting and preservation

The painting of the products is carried out by various paint and lacquer coatings at the Customer’s request. The preservation of the products is made by using protective preservative grease and silica gels. The fixing arrangements are subject to galvanizing.